It is good to be back to the “Safety of the Shire.” When we arrived home the lawn was wilted, the plants were wilted and even the quilt blocks had started to wilt.       

Wilted Quilt Blocks

  Little elves did not come to fix the lawn mower.        

Leaving Ernie to continue to scrounge up parts for a 30 year old lawn mower.      

Fixing Lawn Mower


 By Thursday I was back  to my quilting self and finished the 9 patches for my quilt “Value Gets the Credit.”      

Value Get the Credit


  A year and a half ago our quilt group “Quilters United” each donated 20 – 2.5 X 18 inch stripes to one another’s stash. Some really creative and gorgeous quilts have come out of this challange. This is my contribution and it is far from done. I did have to go buy some light fabrics and didn’t use many of the mediums. The next step will be to join the blocks but that won’t happen until fall. In the mean time I have a new project with a middle of September deadline.      

Projects and Deadlines      

I  tend to panic at the thought of deadlines but I am also motivated by them. Sometimes I will set a mini deadline of having something to show for quilt group. I  just have to remind myself not to panic and if I don’t meet the timeline nothing bad will happen. If some deadlines are not met then the project can not move forward such as planting my garden by the first week in June. My current quilty deadline is the middle of September this includes quilting, binding and label. When I told Ernie that quilts get grumpy when they have deadlines he agreed. I don’t know if he meant me or the quilt…      

Fortunately it rained all day long Saturday. I found a BBC television series Wire inthe Blood on NetflixWire in the Blood: Season 2    

set up the kitchen for some major fabric cutting and started the process.    

Row and Columns


Between meals, visiting my mother and errands I managed to get 28 fat quarters into blocks, strips and scraps.    

Blocks, Strips and Scraps

Unfortunately I need 36 fat quarters cut so my next step will be to dig deeper into the fabric archives.    


Parking the Car

No quilting this week as Ernie and I headed to the sunshine state for five days. It should be noted that it rains every afternoon in the sunshine state but when the clouds are gone the sun is out and it is wonderful.

Happy Feet

 While I sat in freezing cold conference rooms.

Me at the Conference

Ernie laid out at the pool.

Ernie at the Pool

 Thursday evening we went for a cruise through the inlets of Fort Lauderdale.

Cruise on a Yacht

Thursday Rain

Friday Rain

 Saturday I finally made it to the pool!

Saturday No Rain

 Sunday morning we are back in the air and on the way home.

In the air again
Note-to- self: There is not a Starbucks in the Fort Lauderdale airport just really stale Dunkin Doughnuts. 

Tuesday the 25th we made the 5th and 6th blocks in the Westwood Heights 1st Ward Quilt Group.

Block #5 - Contrary Wife

Block #6 - Hourglass Block

The class was hysterical as usual. Sandy, Cheryl and Kelly all brought show and tell. The sense of style and talent these women have is amazing. This summer we are going to change direction to give those gone most of the summer a break.

Annual Weed Pulling Experience

Every year I end of spending one crazy weekend clearing the weeds from the garden. This year my excuse was it rained and snowed every week until Memorial weekend. Possibly a little better than most but the end results are the same. I did manage to get everything cleared and evicted a few snails along the way.

Changing Struts on the VW

Saturday Ernie and Moses spend most of the day changing the struts on Moses VW. It was a difficult time-consuming task but everyone kept their tempers and the operation was successful.

Liberty Park

Sunday we had a picnic at Liberty Park. It was a great experience to sit and relax, enjoy the good company and the food turned out pretty good also. I made chocolate cookies not as good as Erica’s but if you don’t make them for five years no one remembers that.

Monday was totally focused on yard work and to my amazement we were able to finish everything.  We can’t plant until next week. At least the plants will be bigger than the weeds.


Last September I had this idea that making a disappearing 9-patch would be a break from the other project I was working on (not currently documented.) I found some charm packs at Material Girls in South Jordan that had an almost equal number of lights and darks. After dividing the fabric and starting to sew I realized that the paisley would be better as the middle square. I unpicked the few blocks I had started to sew and set the project aside in a fit of frustration.

Fast forward to January. I decided that the best way to clean my sewing room would be to finish the projects that were all over the table. I finished the 9-patches (sorry no pictures), cut them into fourths and sewed them back together (google disappearing nine-patch for further instructions.)

Once they were sewn together I had to come up with a plan. Not having given much thought to arrange the fabrics in the first place I tried a couple of different plans. I first thought on point would be nice but the squares made funny patterns.

Moving on to a straight direction I still didn’t like the brown sashing..

So I meshed it all together. I divided the blocks into light, medium and dark and tried a couple of different arrangements. The diagonal from light to dark didn’t really work for me.

Choosing a layout.

so I tried a trip around the world (more or less.)

1 X 1

6 X 6

4 X 4

3 X 3

1 X 1

Finally Pieced! Now I just have to pick a border and yes it is a big quilt (80 X 80 now.) One note: I learned that all charm squares are not created equal or 5 X 5 for that matter. I won’t use them in their pre-cut state again.

That afternoon Rachel and I drove up to Parley’s Canyon in search of some sunshine. To be honest we never found any. We had a fantastic lunch at Loco Lizard. A charming restaurant just off Kimball Junction. In my opinion the best meal is the stuffed chilies, I get one of each, and their chips are the best any where.  To be honest their salsa is fair.

After lunch we headed over to Midway and a charming little quilt shop Seasons of Home.

They have a gift shop on the main floor full of a wonderful collection of kitchen items, home dec and gifts. Upstairs is a respectable collection of fabric. If you want something with cowboys/girls on it this is the place. They did have a nice selection of solids and the perfect fabric for the quilt I am making for our bedroom.

Perfect fabric for sampler quilt.

Background fabric for slide show quilt.

I took a few shots of Jordanelle on the way home. There might be a pin hole of blue sky somewhere up there.

January 16, 2009

Saturday was the beginning of a phenomenal quilty weekend. My daughter Rachel picked me up and we headed over to Kathleen’s and quilt group. The group started with some casual chat and then Barbara shared her amazing bias tape maker. It makes bias in a variety of width

and they all come out even a perfect.

Rachel taught us how to put audio cds into iTunes and then load them onto our ipods. This is important to keep quilters entertained as well as productive.

Except for me everyone has been very productive since Christmas.

Barbara’s Scrap Quilt
Barbara’s Christmas Applique Quilt
Barbara’s Sampler Quilt
Carol’s Sampler

Carol’s Scrap Quilt

Marilyn’s Quilt
Kathleen’s Tree of Life

Kathleen's "Grandma's Flower Garden"

Kathleen's "Grandma's Flower Garden"

January 3, 2009

Church starts at 9:00 this year. To be fair it is only a 5 minute drive and I don’t have to get anyone else ready but when you consider that I used to sleep until 9 it is a big shock.

My Big, Soft, Warm Bed